3-5 Years

Approaches to Learning
Assessing the ability of preschoolers to set goals, make plans, interact with others, as well as the environment.

Creative Arts
Assessing the ability to demonstrate both feelings and ideas through movement, music, visual arts, and drama.

Measuring & Implementing both receptive and expressive vocabulary and using conversation and language for effective communication.

Observing and assessing knowledge of the alphabet, skills in reading and writing, as well as phonological awareness.

Logic & Reasoning
Assessing abilities in sequencing, problem-solving, and using symbolic and critical thinking skills.

Early Math
Measuring the ability to comprehend numbers, understand patterns, sort and order, plus using numbers for addition, subtraction, measurement, and graphing.

Nature & Science
Assessing comprehension of both the physical and natural world, plus skills related to observation, description, prediction, and gathering data.

Social Studies
Measuring children’s ability to understand themselves, as well as their families, communities, and world.

Physical Development/Health
Measuring both large and small motor skills and learning about health and nutrition.

Social-Emotional Development
Assessing self-awareness and showing respect and empathy toward others